Digital insurance for the mortgage point of sale (and beyond)

Online personal lines access for mortgage applicants, borrowers, and the insurance agents who serve them.









Purpose-Built For Lending


Agents and consumers can quote, rate, and bind coverage on our platform. 

Low-Friction Underwriting

Our underwriting questions are easy enough that agents and consumers can answer them. 


Applicants can obtain coverage even prior to loan underwriting without incurring any out-of-pocket costs.

Use Cases

Enables agents to sell (and cross-sell) more effectively and differentiate based on product offering and customer experience.


Consumers purchase coverage on their own, while agents receive credit for any sales through agent landing pages we provide.

Agent Portal

Agents bind coverage in real-time through Regard as part of their usual sales process.

Enables loan applicants to purchase insurance on their own via a lender-branded (optional) landing page, or through a digital loan point of sale. 

Consumer Portal

Loan applicants purchase coverage on their own through Regard.

API Integration

Loan applicants can purchase insurance as part of any digital origination workflows. 

Enables borrowers to purchase insurance on their own via a partner-branded (optional) landing page.


Consumers purchase coverage following a referral by an affinity partner such as a servicer or a bank. 

Partner Benefits

No Carrier Portals

Quote, rate, and bind coverage online without having to bridge into multiple carrier portals

Access to unique products

Sell staples such as homeowners and flood and supplement with digital specialty products that you won't find anywhere else

Sell the way you want

Sell over the phone or send a link to a branded landing page to have customers purchase coverage online

No Servicing Required

Focus on sales and let others worry about the low-ROI part of the business

Faster loan closings

Offer your customers a superior user experience while reducing labor cost

Peace of Mind

Know that your customers are getting coverage that meets your loan requirements

Fraud Mitigation

Reduce proof of coverage fraud through escrow billing at closing​

Workflow Compatibility

Plays well with loan officers and supports D2C as well as insurance agent driven workflows

Ancillary Revenues

Add a low-effort insurance revenue stream that expands your operating margin

Better Customer Relations

Provide your customers with access to unique and attractive insurance solutions

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